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Seno conservation training

This program was offered in 2011.  I want to leave it on this website, in case we are able to offer it in the future.  If you are interested in Seno conservation training, please email mike.palecek@sewistraining.com

Apply now to be one of twenty Scouts and Scouters who will participate in the Project Learning Tree/Project WILD nationwide educational program, to be held at the Seno Woodland Education Center on Saturday, May 7, 2011.  This eight hour course is a hands-on outdoors session, that uses the forest as a "window" on the world to increase environmental understanding, stimulate critical thinking skills about ecology and wildlife, and helps make informed decisions on environmental issues, and encourages responsible action on behalf of the environment.

The Seno Environmental Center is located at 3606 Dyer Lake Road in Burlington, across the road from Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta.  In 2010, Seno and Oh-Da-Ko-Ta partnered to provide environmental education at Cub Scout Day Camp.  The Seno facility includes 131 acres of forest, prairie and wetlands.  The gift of Slades Corners physician Elvira Seno, it is used to promote environmental education.

For participants in the Project Learning Tree/Project WILD course, they will do as many hands-on activities during one day as possible, to work to understand the extensive environmental curriculum in the Project Learning Tree and Project WILD books.  These books can only be acquired by participating in a nature workshop, and will be given to participants as part of the course materials.  Lunch will also be provided.

Seno's forests include old oaks that date from the 1830's, when the first European settlers came to southeast Wisconsin.  Hands-on projects will include different methods of estimating tree growth, explaining forest growth and regeneration, and how proper management of forests have long term economic advantages in our state.

Seno's bog and surrounding tammerack area serves as a wonderful wetland for aquatic life study.  One hands-on activity involves digging through the muck and viewing samples using microscopes to see the diversity of pond life.

Some Seno farmland has been reclaimed as native prairies, and hands-on studies include an understanding of grasses and native wild flowers and their effect on the environment.

If you are a Cub Scout leader who is committed to helping elementary school aged boys learn more about the study of the environment and how to make a positive impact to protect the biosphere, you should apply to participant in this program.

If you are a Scouter who works with Boy Scouts or Venturers on nature related merit badges and are are looking for new ideas to use to present a greater awareness of ecology, you should apply.

If you are a Boy Scout or Venturer who is extremely interested in nature and ecology study, are working or want to work in the EcoCon area of Camp Lyle or Oh-Da-Ko-Ta, or wish to pursue a university education in biology, forestry, or similar area, you should apply.

Applications are due on April 22, 2011.  Send your completed application to: Mike Palecek, 5747 Sandy Lane, Racine WI 53406.  Course fee for accepted applicants is $30.

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